You aren't lost... or maybe you are. You don't
know exactly where you are, but you're sure you
could find your way back outside if you retraced
your steps. You shake your head.

The kind-faced nun coos at you, moving in your
direction. The other nun doesn't move, their lips
trembling in unheard prayer.

"I'll help you find your way out, 'kay?" the nun
says, putting a hand on your shoulder. the hand
feels room-temperature. She swivels you around,
leading you back outside the chapel. The other
nun follows, murmuring prayers as you go. The
hallway you came in through seems to look
different from this side.

you find your way back to the hallway you came
from. The nun takes her hand off your shoulder,
smiling brightly. You look at the other nun.
they look upset, their lips still moving. Maybe
upset isn't isn't the right word...they're...

leave the chapel
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