I wrote here before. About something bad that happened. But everything changed,
so I guess I am updating this page. (this is Me, writing on Feb 6th. Sorry
about that.)

I guess I need to introduce myself. I'm the owner of this website. I am not
94673 itself, although that would be an interesting name for someone to
have. Nevertheless, I already have a name. Or, at least, people call me
something. I guess that's what a name means. I'm not very smart.

a lot of things interest me. I want to know everything. I guess that is
my 'goal in life', if I had to name one. Sorry if my website is hard to navigate.
I'm trying something new. I might change it someday. Who knows.

I have some advice for people reading this. Trust others. That's the advice.
It's something I personally struggle with. So we'll do it together, alright?
Trust. I need to trust my friends. I need to tell them how I feel when I'm feeling it.