what should I do when someone I am supposed to refer to in the familial sense says something like that?
what am I to do when I have a violent nightmare in which I am the villain? These aren't related so there's
really no reason for me to discuss both of them on the same page but yet! yet I cannot overcome the urge...
I won't say who it is but I will say that I ran past without jeans (but with underpants) and he yelled for
me to come back and I didn't. I returned later fully clothed and he was retelling the story to another
family member talking about how 'he saw my 'buttocks'' (yes, that's really the word he used) and how he,
and I quote, 'really just wanted to squeeze 'em'.

You probably understand that I was mortified. Yet the other family member just laughed like it was the
most normal thing in the world. So maybe it was? and I just don't understand things like that? but if I were
sitting in the living room and someone walked past on their way to the shower my first impulse would not be
to think 'damn, I wish I could squeeze that'.