How to Play

first off, you'll probably want to put the game in full screen mode. There's a button at the bottom right that will do that. Second, you drag and drop the clothing onto the character in the desired spot where you want them to be dressed. there are buttons on the bottom left that allow you to change skin colour, eye colour and underwear type.


most art was done by me (the game creator). Some of the art was made by Dawnyspirits. The game was made in GDevelop, which is a free to use coding program. It's a pretty simple game that I made to see if I could figure out GDevelop and possibly use it for other stuff. So far, I've had a pretty good experience with it, though I think my true love (when it comes to video game making programs) will always remain RPG Maker 2003.

Showing Off

you want to show off the characters you created using this game? Go right ahead! Simply screenshot the character and put it wherever you want (your own site, your blog, your whatever, credit or a link back would be cool but not necessary). Want to show it off to me personally? that can also be arranged! Simply email me over here: