17-11-2021: I am working on the game right now. I'm fixing an old cutscene with a clown in it. I'm having
trouble making the clown scary, as it's supposed to be an enemy. But I'm just not scared of clowns. I actually kind
of like them. Other than that, I'm also working on new cutscenes that are in the later part of the game. But I
can't playtest them yet, because I did something dumb and lost all of my test saves for the game...

19-11-2021: I added warnings at the beginning of the game, about that there is some- (read, like, two instances
of-) nudity in the game. They are very pixelated (one pixel per nipple, to be blunt about it) but I know that
certain platforms can be very strict about such things. While the concept of a streamer getting banned for
playing my game might be funny in a way I'd still rather not cost someone their account...

01-12-2021: Working mainly on graphics today. Wondering which song I'll put in the trailer... I want to ask an
artist to use their song but I'm simultaneously terrified that they'll say no. Oh god

06-12-2021: Worked on the game for like...5 hours straight just now...It's getting closer and closer to completion,
which is a weird thought to have... my own game? Fully made? That just doesn't sound realistic.. oh! also added
a screenshot to the bottom of the screen. Just one for now, but I'll make more and add them later. I need to relax
for a bit!!!

29-12-2021: Almost done. I just decided to edit the one sprite with nipples... it now no longer has nipples. I'm
sorry, guys. Let it be known there were nipples in this game once, and they fought valiantly, and lost, because
I started imagining someone playing my game on a youtube let's play and got so happy that I wanted to make it a
little easier on the imaginary let's-player that I just made up.

06-01-2022: It's done! Well, the first version is done. I've sent it to my beta tester, and my mom is also beta
testing it, just because she's curious. If both of them give me the okay, I'll officially release it on
this is absurdly exciting. My game! It's done????

22-01-2022: The first version of my game is now officially available for download. Thank you so much to everyone
who has shown interest so far! I hope everyone enjoys it.