You walk past the square and back to the train
station, where it's also quieter than usual.
well, it's never busy, obviously, as it's an
abandoned train station, but still. You would
usually always see at least one gaggle of
people your age smoking weed together in one
of the corridors. You do still see the people
that you usually see there, though. On the
opposite side of the track, one of the places
you walk through on your way home, there's
often a figure that seems vaguely human, yet
not human enough. He- well, you've been referring
to him with 'he', though you're of course not
sure about this strange vision's gender
identity, is about as tall as three of you
stacked on top of each other.

as you walk past, he seems to be trying to
get your attention. He doesn't usually do
that, probably because he knows that if
he moves too fast you tend to run away.
But since today has been very strange
already, you decide to humor him. There's
still a whole train track in between the
two of you, so you don't feel like you're
in a lot of danger.

You ask him what's up.