The man doesn't say anything for a while. You
almost walk away. Because if you stay there for
too long it'll be too late to make surprise
dinner for your mother. But just when you're
about to turn around, the man speaks.

"They don't want you at your school anymore."
the man says. You look down, a bit sad, though
you honestly could have known from the way the
other students and teachers treat you. You
swallow. "But I'm not wanted home, either."

"Oh, Charles," the man tuts, "don't talk like
that about your home. I bet your parents love
you very much. The only reason you think they
hate you is because you're a teenager, and that
is just the way teenagers think."

You sigh, knowing that this man won't understand
no matter what you tell him. It's no use expl-
aining something to someone who doesn't want
to know the truth. So you say nothing and turn
around to leave.

→there's a group of kids smoking in the hall.←