Rachel actually seems pretty nice after you've sat with her for a while. You never learn her
friends's names but that doesn't really matter because they don't seem to talk a lot, preferring
to silently listen to the things you and Rachel are saying to each other.

Rachel smokes a lot of cigarettes, so much so that her white school shirt has turned grey.
She wears earrings, too, something your mom always called 'slutty' if kids your age wore them.
Rachel seems to be almost a stereotypical example of a 'bad girl' from a storybook,
someone who can't possibly bring anything except the eventual downfall of the puritan protagonist.

But she's really nice. She asks you about which classes are your favorites and tells you about
her boyfriend, who is a lot older and owns a motorcycle. She says she started smoking to
impress him, and it worked. When you make eye contact with the two friends behind her, they
smile at you, but don't say anything. They both look younger than her, so you doubt
that either of them is the boyfriend she was mentioning.

"So, Charles," Rachel says when you've hung around with them for what seems to have been
around an hour. "Do you want to come to my house with me?"

the other two kids nod wildly, seeming to be telling you that you ought to say yes.