Rachel grabs your hand. Her hand is warm. Her
ears are twitching. She brings you to her house,
on the other side of the train station, where you
live, too. She lives in a really high building
on one of the highest floors. There's a weird
rumbling sound as the two of you take the
elevator up to her house, but she shrugs and
says she thinks it's just a minor earthquake.

Her apartment that she shares with her parents
and sibling is pretty small, but in a cozy way
that doesn't feel claustrophobic. You and Rachel
sit in the room she shares with her sibling and
you play board games together until it starts
getting dark outside.

You enjoy being around her. There's just one
thing that you keep thinking about. You have to
ask her where she's from, her past, anything...to
see if she also came from another country when
she was young, like you did. If your history is
the same, then you'll finally have someone to
talk about those things to, which you've never
really been able to do before.

"Rachel, are you from this country?"