Rachel sighs. "I was kind of wondering the same thing about you," she confesses. "I... wasn't
originally born like this, I think. My parents are quite secretive about it, but I've seen my
baby pictures, where my ears are on the side like other people. But then from when I was a
toddler and onwards, it's suddenly like I'm a whole different person. Did you.. I mean...were
you born this way?"

Something in her expression makes you believe that she fears the answer. You nod. "Yes, I think
so. My mom is pretty secretive about it too, but I do know that we're originally from another
country, and only came here when I was little. My mom has cat ears, too, so I think that wherever
we came from everyone looks like this."

Rachel looks thoughtful. "And you don't know what country it is?" She asks. You shake your
head. "I have no idea. I've tried to look it up in the books we read in history, but those
only talk about the history of this country and their scientific achievements. I don't even
know if I have any other family members, except my grandpa, but he's dead."

Rachel stands up and walks to a closet in her room. She stands on the tips of her toes and
retrieves a box from the top of the closet, which she opens up. There's a few pictures and
pieces of paper in it. She presses it into your hands and tells you to open it up. "There's
stuff in there that might help you in your search. Be careful about who you show it to, though.
There's... things in there that you're not allowed to own anymore."

You quickly look in the box.