You hear more rumbling outside. The whole house
groans, tilting slightly to the side. Rachel
seems unbothered, but you have to hold onto a
wall to keep yourself from falling. You clutch
the box in your hands, the contents still a
mystery to you.

there's a loud bang outside, followed by the
sound of a siren going off. You quickly open
the box, feeling as if you don't have much
time left. Rachel seems not to notice. Maybe
her house makes these noises all the time.
There's a few baby pictures in the box. A
baby that's very obviously Rachel. The first
few months she undeniably didn't have cat
ears. Then, there's a month or so in her
development where there are no pictures at
all. The next photo has her with cat ears,
that are still bandaged up. At the bottom
of the box is some kind of military medal
that you don't recognize.

Everything goes white.