You're close to your house now. You live in a small apartment that really isn't that
far from the station. The neighborhood isn't great, though you're glad you don't live
on the other side, where the school is. The buildings there might be grand-looking,
but you know that they were built so long ago that there are more ghosts inside than
people. Whether that's in the metaphorical or literal sense is up to anyone who decides
to think about it.

Almost there, you start rehearsing what you're going to do once you're inside. You like
rehearsing things beforehand. It calms you down.

First, you'll open the gate.
Then, you'll unlock the door.
Then, you'll go upstairs.
Then, you'll take off your shoes
and put them in the corner.
Then, you'll go to the kitchen
and make dinner.

And then, mom will love you.