It's...something weird. It seems to be someone's
personal mementos, some pictures of a child at various
times in their life, sometimes with family and
sometimes without. The kid looks sickly in the
first few years of their life, but as they get
older they seem to become healthy and strong.

You don't know who this kid is, but they look
eerily familiar. Other things in the box include
a postcard, advertising a country you've never
heard of, as well as a military medal of some
sort. It feels important. It feels like you should
own this, but if anyone sees you with it you'll
get in trouble. You hastily go into your house
and hide the box in your room, panting afterwards
as if you'd just ran a marathon.

The house is still quiet except for your breathing.
mom isn't home. You can cook for her. Filled
with glee, you enter the kitchen.

You're very happy.