You sit down in the restaurant. Nathan's presence is overwhelming, like he's breathing
down your neck no matter where in the building he is. You sit down opposite of your mom,
and Nathan sits down next to her. He occasionally puts a hand on her shoulder, or on
top of her hand when she rests it on the table. You can't really relax. It's very warm
in the restaurant, and the candle on the table in front of you feels like it's almost
burning your face but not quite. You let your mom order for you and she does, though
you don't really hear what she orders, too preoccupied by your discomfort.

"Aren't you excited to finally meet Nathan?" mom asks, stirring her cocktail. You take
a sip of your juice. Your face feels hot. It's fully dark outside, only occasionally
interrupted by those weird flashes of light. You don't think she's ever mentioned him
before now. You shrug, and she laughs, cackling, laying her head on his shoulder.
he puts an arm around her, grinning at you. 'mine' the grin says. You look at your
glass of juice.