She always seems to take a special interest in you. You think it's because of the route you take to school... okay, that might sound odd, but hear yourself out. There are those things that you see in the abandoned train station whenever you walk through it- those things you used to tell your teachers about while they denied that they existed. Your theory is that one of those things somehow followed you to school when you weren't paying attention, and became your philosophy teacher.

'Charles. How about you? What is your answer to this question?' she asks. The orbs that float behind half of her head are illuminated by a ray of sunlight that just happens to peek through the school's window. You squint so the sun won't reflect into your eyes.

'what question?' you ask, and a few of your schoolmates laugh. They don't notice anything being wrong with the philosophy teacher, even though there are orbs floating behind her at all times. You suppose that maybe they're right, and you're just being kind of mean towards this woman, who might as well have a totally normal explanation for the whole orb thing.

'question three of the practice test.' she says. You quickly scan the piece of paper you got for the practice test. Question three is 'what day of the week do you think you'll die on?' you respond with Thursday and class is dismissed.