about the author

I am not 94673. That is just the name of the website.
I do not feel the need to write anything about 'myself'
here; I think the contents of the website speak for
themselves. There are parts of the website that make
me cringe, that make me sad just by thinking of them.
but I won't delete them. They are parts of this just
as I am.

I like things that upset me; they are probably some
of my favourite things to interact with. I also enjoy
video games, and those images of anime girls where
someone drew them eating a huge hamburger.

I (the owner of this website) am a young adult, and my
email is 7426253@gmail.com. feel free to contact me.

website is only somewhat mobile-proofed, and even then
I only tested it on my own phone, which happens to
have a rather large screen. Your best bet is to stick
with exploring the website on your computer.


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