about the author

I am not 94673. That is just the name of the website.
In truth, I don't have much information to put here
that would be in any way interesting to share. Every
thing about me that would help you understand me is
already in my several diary entries. None of the things
mentioned in the diary pages are fiction. Some of the
things in the Love and Rambling pages are- the ones that
don't have an 'I' person are probably more concepts than
accounts. Feel free to roam around the website and read

The person who runs this website is an adult, albeit
a young one. I felt it necessary to mention this fact.
my email is 7426253@gmail.com. feel free to contact me.

Random Thought OTD:
I always get confused when I see people talking about
loving their boyfriend or girlfriend so much and putting
that on their about or whatever like as if that isn't just
like some dude that you kiss I think.
something about my fundamental misunderstanding of love
as something that can solely be pined towards but not
actually be achieved. or whatever.? It all seems very
fake. I think the concept of love is lost on me. if I
had a girlfriend he would just be some guy.


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