✵the meaning of to be 94673✵

well it's personal to everyone. obviously.

things that are important:
- to get silly
- hurt yourself
- hurt as a child and now
grown up to be misshapen
- a lie in your life so big
telling the truth would destroy
everything you are
- cry at movies often
- be disgusting

94673...for me, I have the belief that this is the greatest website. obviously.
not because it is that great. I mean, look at it. I still don't know html. BUT.
it is catered, in its entirety, to me, making it, for me, the perfect website.
this is my website, and you are visiting it. this is my website, and I am walking
in, at least bi-weekly, as if I do not live in it, and I look around, and go,
'wow, whoever decorated this did a great job!' like the smug bastard I am.

it's great for one's confidence.