I have a new job and I really dislike it. The work itself is fine (cleaning,
something I enjoy doing in daily life), but my coworkers are pretty hard to deal
with sometimes. There's at least one woman who I swear hates my guts, and I have
no clue why. She isn't even one of the cleaners, but she keeps grabbing my equi-
pment and putting it away before I'm done with it. I'm pretty certain she's doing
it out of spite, though I have no clue why. I don't know who this woman is. I
don't even know her name. I just know she once saw me crying during lunch break
(as one does), and just stared at me, and loudly yelled 'do you need help or some-
thing?' like, not as in, 'can I help you', but as in 'do I need to call your
therapist and get you sectioned'.

I have to work at this place for at least two months- something about deals or
contracts or something. I'm out of my depth. I think I genuinely enjoy being
unemployed over this shit, even though I hate being unemployed because I don't
like feeling worthless. This woman, and some other people (though less so) are
making me hate something I used to enjoy doing.