I forgot!

I Forgot my writing was supposed to have meaning, forgot to add feeling, to add
the ache and pain and everything that would comfort others with similar feelings!
I forgot to infuse my writing with love and deeper meaning!

No social media website will tell you they love you and mean it. I have nothing
to gain from saying I love you I love you I love you but I will say it and I
will say it forever and always and I'm sorry for forgetting about you. I lost
sight of that which is important which is you and me and everyone in the world.

if I become bitter and empty inside it will just be another body on the pile.
it isn't about my body specifically. It is about keeping it off the pile. Keeping
everything off the pile. Stay here. Stay loved.

I can't let him change my core, my beginning. I can't let my heartbreak change my person.