I've never felt so powerful in my life.
I had no idea it was going to be like this.
making myself stop eating, watching the hours
tick by while my stomach remains empty...
I feel serene. I feel correct. I feel in
charge, like I've never been in charge before.
I'm going to watch the numbers plummet. It's
already started. I know what's happening
and I'm letting it happen.

I can't fucking wait to be thin. me as a
pretty, fragile little thing, behind my
computer screen sipping monster energy.
finally lovable. finally attractive. if I
could fast for days on end without people
around me noticing, I would.

Addendum, 14-05-2023

The fact that I've never received as many
emails about a blog post as this one is very
funny to me. What's even funnier to me is
that there wasn't really any show of worry,
only telling me that I was 'doing it wrong'
and would surely get out of the honeymoon
phase soon.

well, get fucked! I'm still in there! biiitch

...no, alright, on a serious note, I am still alive
and I am still doing well with this. Yes it's
hard.Yes my body image has plummeted.But I'm
still watching my movies and playing my video
games. Haven't missed a day of work yet. I kind
of feel worse because of life's monotony than
because I'm doing the world's stupidest diet.
I hope people can still respect me or whatever.
something about other people's issues with food
that suddenly makes them seem less-than-
-human in a lot of people's eyes.