Someone had spent decades digging a tunnel underneath my old elementary school. The tunnel had a ton of rooms on either side, which people had moved into, including people I knew personally. I tried to ask why they moved into the tunnel, but their answers were either vague or they just quickly changed the subject. My friend found out that one of the doors in the tunnel led to my house. instead of being scared by this, we used the opportunity to sneak into the school after it was closed, so we could look around and watch a movie on one of the projectors.


I was at a mall with my grandmother and aunt. We wanted to get bubble tea, so we went up some stairs and bought bubble tea. When I wanted to order, my aunt stormed off all of a sudden, angry at something neither of us understood. The man behind the boba counter chatted with me for a while, and we theorized about what my aunt might have been mad about. When the tea was done, I gave my grandma her cup, and we went to look for my aunt, but she had already left the mall.

another mall related dream I had was that my godmother was calling me through an earpiece, telling me where to go in a mall. I accidentally walked into a toystore, where the employees were strangely rude to me. They mocked the fact that I was in there despite being an adult, and constantly yelled at me while I walked around. I was looking for dolls, and only realized after a while that the dolls were on the second floor, which you could only access with a strange short flight of stairs that once you stood on it was lifted upwards, kind of like a strange, dangerous elevator. This didn't look safe, so I walked out of the store. Somewhere after this, in the same dream, I was on a campsite, going on a historic walk with pamphlets and audio tours and everything. I had been at this campsite before, but they had built a lot of new buildings there since I'd been there. Notably, there was an entire square dedicated to the works of Walt Disney now, including Batman, who he apparently invented.


I had the ability to teleport. I used it multiple times, but usually only to get out of dangerous situations, as teleportation didn't always work, and when you used it frequently in a short amount of time it would stop working as well. One time I was lost in a forest far away from my house, so I used it to teleport near my home (you couldn't specify where you ended up, just near a place), and I found myself in the middle of a group of people with lights and weapons trying to find someone. I didn't know who they were looking for, so I hid, but later found out they were looking for a murderer. I entered a restaurant there where I knew some people, and they told me about the murder that had taken place, as well as urging me to leave and go home, because something was going on. I did, and my mom was angry at me for not coming home earlier.

later, my grandma and I were in a dangerous situation, so I teleported us, but the only thing I thought while teleporting was that we needed to get out of there, so I teleported us to a small Canadian island on accident. A vague, distant family member owned a supermarket there, and she allowed us to sleep in the store at night while we tried to find a way back. I kept trying to teleport us back, but it didn't work, and wouldn't for at least a few more days. There was something off about the vibes in the store and surrounding neighborhood, but I didn't really know why. We had no money, so we couldn't buy our own food, and we had to steal stuff from the woman's store. She didn't notice though, and we thought it was only fair since she made us sleep on the floor. Tensions rose as the days passed, and at one point while I was on a walk outside I was ambushed by two men I'd never previously met. I narrowly managed to escape by breaking a window and climbing out of it, and ran back to the store to grab my grandma's hand (you could only teleport someone along with you if you were touching them). I teleported us away and we ended up in our own hometown, albeit on the other side of town in a random office building. We had to walk back while it was dark and rainy, but we didn't really care, just glad to be back home.


I worked in a hotel with a friend, a girl around my age who I don't know in real life. Our job was to basically sit in the lobby all day and talk to the guests, entertaining them and keeping them occupied while they wait for their rooms to be ready and other such things. If a guest was lost, we had to show them around the hotel. If their bags were heavy, we had to carry them up to their rooms. We wore short skirts and makeup, and we had a desk we could sit at when there weren't any guests to entertain.

I didn't have a great track record at this job. Guests were often really rude to me, but I couldn't bring myself to stay polite, so I would be rude back. My friend was better at staying polite, but she did agree that the guests were simply too rude to us. There was a woman and her family, who we had to escort to their rooms. We entered the elevator with the family, holding their bags. There was a temporary power outage, and the whole elevator went dark. The family matriarch, somehow thinking this was all my fault, took her coffee and spilled a bit over the front of my shirt. I, in retaliation, grabbed her coffee, and poured it over her clothing, the clothing of her husband, and her son, too, for good measure. They left the elevator at their floor, and we went back downstairs, while I scrubbed my shirt clean.

We were certain we were going to get fired, but the woman never complained about us to our boss. We talked to a few people who were having dinner, and we gave some people directions, and then a man approached us. He was short and chubby, bald on the top of his head and wearing a fancy suit. The hotel had a lot of rich guests, so he wasn't out of place. He asked us to sit with him so we did, in a quiet part of the lobby. There, he offered us a lot of money if we would... service him.

We did. It was over in less than a minute, barely enough to get his pants off. He gave us a bunch of money, and then left the hotel, sweaty and blushing profusely, fogging up his glasses. My friend and I divided the money between us, and went back to our desk. And that was that. We didn't speak about it or anything.


I was visiting my mother's aunt, in a village that she doesn't live in in real life (she lives in another country). She had a knitting shop in her house, that shared a space with a restaurant. My mother and I helped around in the store for a bit, watching people having dinner in the restaurant only a few feet away. My mother's aunt's house had multiple levels of basement, which got continually weirder as you went further down. The aunt's car was parked a few stories down and we sat in it, and she drove us even further down, until we were somehow back outside again, where a festival was being held. There was live music and street food, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. It kind of unnerved me, but I said nothing, not wanting to ruin the vibe.

My mother left early, saying she wanted me to stay behind for a few hours more, to help out in the shop. She thought it would be good for me to have some job experience. But the moment she left, the aunt proclaimed that she was going to sleep for a few hours, and if anything happened in the store I should fix it. Oh, and I had to do groceries for her. When I went back out front I immediately saw that the store was all out of wool, and there was none in the back either. I looked up nearby stores that sold wool, but the only place that showed up on the map was a pregnancy clinic for trans men who wanted to bear children. I had no clue where else to go, so I took the car there (despite, you know, not having a license). When I showed up to the building it didn't seem to have a door.

Not knowing what else to do, I just went to the store and got the aunt the regular groceries she also wanted. Back at her home, I put the groceries away, and sat in the front of the store, waiting for her to wake up. When she did, she chastised me for not finding the wool, as well as not putting away her groceries properly.


I was pregnant. Twice. One baby was due any time now, and the other still had a few months to go. I had regular doctor's appointments, and it was implied that the babies were not mine to keep- after they were born I were to give them away to different families.

I was sent away to a mental hospital after the first baby was born, and everyone said it was because I had autism. I was basically forced into a room all day, not allowed out unless there was some kind of group activity. The room had a bathroom with a bath and a shower. The room itself was small, and pretty much only contained a bed and no windows. It was near a highway, and I'd frequently lay in my bed just listening to the cars speeding by. Occasionally, someone would enter the room and make me answer a questionnaire.

At one point, I managed to escape. I ran out into the field, in a white hospital gown, and hid underneath a table. There were street races going on. I watched the races until a security officer found me and dragged me back to the room. I struggled. I knew I was going to be in a ton of trouble when the doctors would come, so I locked my door (even though they had keys, it was just a bit of extra time) and took a bath, still wearing my hospital gown as well as a sweater. The bathtub wasn't deep enough to drown myself in. I turned the shower on and tried to pretend I didn't hear anyone entering my room.

They made me get out of the bath and take my clothes off. They weighed me. They asked how many months pregnant I was. I said five. This made them very angry.


My mother was angry at me, so in a fit of rage she put most of the things I owned up for sale online. The rest of the day was spent alone in my room, as people my mom found online came in and took whatever they wanted. I was crying, but they didn't stop. One woman felt bad, and while she still took my stuff, she gave me a bowl of crisps, hoping it would make me feel better.


I lived in a gigantic house with my mother, older brother and older sister. My mother was an old, frail, blind woman, who when we were younger had been terribly abusive, but had become a calmer person as she grew older. We were still all afraid of her, and had never grown close to her. I was especially close with my older sister, a gaunt-looking girl who always wore dresses. We did everything together, and even escorted each other to the bathroom in our own home, because of the several people roaming the house who would want to or be able to hurt us. Our older brother had some kind of mental disability, I don't know what kind, but it caused him to be blind as well, and he couldn't speak, and frequently attacked people, slamming into them and punching them. He also attacked me and my sister a lot, so we took to sneaking around to avoid him.

Our mother was going to die soon- I don't know how we knew, but we knew it, and we were both sad and relieved. Our older brother didn't understand, obviously, so we decided to not explain it to him at all, because there was no point to it. As mother's health got worse, my sister and I dared to order a pizza, something that was usually never allowed. We ate it on the top floor, and mother didn't notice. Our older brother did, but we just gave him some pizza and chicken, and he was happy.

Eventually, we found out an estranged sister of ours had killed herself in one of the bathrooms ages ago, but we hadn't noticed, because we had thought she'd moved away. Her corpse lay perfectly preserved on the floor of a public bathroom. There were other people in our house who were coming to help us take care of mother's funeral, even though she wasn't dead yet. They helped us get our sister out of the bathroom. Back outside the bathroom, we found our brother dead at the table, his face planted into his half-eaten pizza. We didn't know what he died from, but we weren't surprised. My sister held my hand. I squeezed her hand tight.

Mother had died too, downstairs. There was nothing my sister and I could do, so we went outside, to a small park adjacent to our house. It was sunny there, and I felt like I hadn't felt the sun on my skin in ages. We felt like we had escaped. I even saw my mother outside, my real mother, not the one from the dream. I walked around for a bit, but I couldn't find my sister anymore. I began to wonder if she had ever left the house in the first place. I wondered if maybe she hadn't survived at all.


I had a bunch of friends over at a house. One of them was a girl who had brought her dog. I was closer to her siblings (she had like, five older brothers) but none of them were there. The girl went out in the garden with her dog, and the garden was connected to a river, which was deep and flowed wildly. She stood outside, looking over the water, and I walked up to her when her dog attacked me. It started biting at me, scratching me with it's nails as it tried to find purchase so it could bite my neck or face. Suddenly, the girl was in the water. She couldn't swim. I managed to get the dog loose and threw it into the river as well. They both disappeared under the waves. They were dead. Nobody had seen me. I went back inside and told nobody about what I had just done.

Eventually people came looking for her. People who owned boats combed the river but none could find her. On one hand, this calmed me, because if they found her alive she would surely tell on me, but on the other hand if she wound up dead it would be good, too, because then there was zero chance that she'd tell. The party at the house wound down, and the girl's siblings entered the house, looking for her in the garden and watching fishermen look for her in the water. They didn't find her, of course, though they did somehow find some other kid who almost drowned but ended up being fine. He was reunited with his mother.

I found the girl's old Nintendo DSi, where she had used the app Flipnote Hatena as her secret diary. I read through it, through the parts where she said she was actually a member of a system, and a part where she said she was psychotic. The diary was from a year ago. I was scared she would be found. I cleaned myself up so the dog's attacks were no longer visible. I told the girl's brother how horrible I thought it all was. I was a liar. I even helped them make a public service announcement about the fact that she was missing.


I stabbed a man my mom was friends with, and left him to die in the hallway of a building. I hid the knife in an electricity maintenance box near a canal and then went to the other side of town on my bike, so nobody would think I had anything to do with the murder. I rode my bike on the highway just to show how fast I could go.

I ended up at the orphanage where I had apparently lived as a small child. It was a predominantly black orphanage, and the kids there who remembered me were confused, because they had remembered me to be black as well. A woman there gave me a cup of hot chocolate. Nobody suspected me yet.


I was putting on a production of West Side Story with a bunch of people. I was cast as Anita, for some reason.


I was on vacation with my grandma, and we'd rented a huge old house somewhere in the center of a village. One of the rooms was at the very top of the building, and had windows on all sides, so I chose that room. There was a bed there, as well as a small, old TV.

I somehow drifted off, and when I woke up, there was a plague of frogs going on. Millions of frogs rained from the sky, sticking to the windows of my room before moving on. It was so bad that the local news advised not to go outside. My grandma stayed inside, but I didn't want the vacation to go by without doing anything, so I went out. There weren't that many frogs, so you could still walk down the street without squishing them, luckily. I went to see a movie, and had dinner at a restaurant after. Oddly, both of these places had other people in them too, so obviously people hadn't paid the warnings too much mind. Then I went back into my house, and switched the little TV on. The newscaster of the local news station talked about a 'dangerous-looking man' who had been sighted in front of the town's cinema. I was afraid that it was me.


My mom made it a new rule in the house that you weren't allowed to go to the bathroom unless you were wearing a specific blue sweater, which was kept in the living room. I did it a few times, but after that my mom's husband started hiding it and eventually burned it as a joke. Instead of just allowing me to go, my mom banned going to the bathroom all together. When I went anyways, and locked the door, she got a screwdriver out and tried to pick the lock from the outside.


I was having a sleepover with the daughter of one of my mom's friends. We watched an episode of Doctor Who set in the 1950s. It starred a woman who once saw a dalek during an invasion, and immediately decided that they were the epitome of beauty and she had to become one of them. She started getting surgery to replace her arms with those metal arm things daleks have, and got both of her legs amputated, instead driving around in a weird low little car with a decal of a woman's legs on it. Somehow, nobody noticed that she no longer had legs. The episode was so frightening to me that I stopped watching it and went to sleep.


I was going on vacation with my mother. My mom forced me to take my bedroom closet along, which was really hard because it was both huge and pretty fragile. We had to get a cab, and the closet had to be put on the roof, and I had to hold onto it while we drove to make sure it didn't fall off the roof. The dream ended with me arriving at the train station only to remember that we were going by plane, not train, and I had to travel even further.


I was in Japan together with my mom and our neighbour, who was played by Robert Webb but wasn’t him. They gave me a tape recorder to record everything with, and while it got recorded, that neighbour could hear it from his phone. Me and him spent most of our time together in Japan, going on long walks and to a bathhouse and stuff like that, and I kept clinging to him a bit and didn’t even know where my mom was.

Then the tape recorder was full and I could suddenly not find the neighbour anymore and I was very confused and worried. I walked until I had a bunch of blisters on my feet, a random woman gave me a bottle of alcohol and I finally found a train station and got in back to Tokyo because it was the only place I remembered being.

I sat down next to a man and his girlfriend, who were bickering a bit, but were pretty helpful when I told them about the tape recorder/being lost thing. They tried to help me by charging my phone (which didn’t work there, only the tape recorder did, but it was still nice) and talking to me to calm me down. I also got the tape recorder working again but the neighbour didn’t pick up.

Eventually I noticed that the train only had a few more japanese stops and after that it was all places such as California, Los Angeles, Hawaii et cetera. And then at the next stop my mom came to talk to me. She said the train would undergo maintenance for a day at that stop, and that I had missed the stop with the airport, so I would have to go to America by train and then fly home from there. I asked where the neighbour was but she gave a vague half-answer and I never saw him again.


I was on some sort of school trip, and there was a boy there who I constantly tried to avoid. When he saw me, he would run at me and try biting me, sometimes succeeding. I ran away from the group we were in with school, and ended up on a huge old warship that was parked nearby. My grandma was on the warship, and she helped me close and lock a bunch of the doors so that the boy couldn't get in. Just before everything was closed, he managed to catch me on some stairs and bite my arm really hard. My grandma got a pair of scissors and started cutting his rain poncho into pieces, and he eventually backed off. After that, we quickly locked the rest of the doors and were safely inside.


I was watching Star Trek in my grandma's basement, when people suddenly broke into her house. She went after them, and they beat her up and took her with them. I, panicked, ran off, trying to call the police, but the first two times I got connected to a police agent they did not take me seriously at all and hung up. Finally, I managed to get people to come to the house to investigate. They questioned me, searched the house, et cetera. I was terrified, and couldn't sleep, so eventually at around 5 AM I decided to go to the supermarket to try and get myself to calm down. On my way back from there, I ran into my grandma, who seemed to be completely fine. Apparently, she had managed to escape, but only after hearing the kidnappers saying some very disturbing things about me. Apparently, she said, my mom's husband was my real father.


I was Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV, which somehow wasn't that relevant to the story. I was young, slipping into a building without anyone paying attention to me. Every room I came to, every flight of stairs I climbed, I kept ending up in the middle of pub-like places, with lots of older men standing around drinking beer and talking, watching sports or even playing games like pool themselves. I was going to the highest floor, to an office, where I knew I would be raped by a family member. I knew that I had no choice, and had to allow it to happen, or else something bad would happen to someone else. I was the only one who could stop it, so I went willingly.


I was a refugee in some country in Africa, together with my mother's elderly aunt. We had managed to make enough money to buy a market stall, which we used as our house, her sleeping under it and me on top of it. One day, we heard a train would be passing the town we were in, which was big news because the train only came around once every few months. We quickly had to grab all our stuff and go to the train station. I went to the market stall and grabbed the only two items I owned: my childhood stuffed animal and a tiny keychain version of the same stuffed animal, which fit perfectly into the palm of my hand.

The train took us to Canada, where my mom's aunt lived, and upon getting there she immediately left me alone. Luckily, my mom and aunt just happened to be in Toronto, where I was, so we reunited and planned on taking a plane back to our country together. Due to the long lines at the airport, the Toronto airport had made the process of checking in extremely convoluted and vague, in the hope that people would give up on travelling and the lines wouldn't be as long. We were supposed to go to a random deserted square somewhere in Toronto, where we stood in the middle of a circle, which turned out to actually be an elevator taking us underground. There, under the square, was the airport security. We had to undergo all sorts of tests concerning our mental and physical wellbeing, as well as fitness. This was because Air Canada gave more benefits to people the worse they were doing physically. If you were sick, disabled or in pain, they would measure how much that affected you and then they would give you a coupon with as much free stuff as they thought you deserved. My aunt and I both got a clean bill of health, and thus got nothing for free. My mom was having trouble walking because her leg hurt, so they gave her a coupon for a free muffin that would otherwise cost €3.


I was at a mall with my mom and my aunt. This mall had something similar to escalators, except it would send a cart full of people upstairs and then back downstairs on a rail, similar to an elevator. The mall had four floors, and there was a popular phenomenon for elderly people (mostly women) to go to the fourth floor near the end of their lives to commit suicide there. They would take their shoes off and jump out of a window into a pure white space. We were waiting for one of the escalator carts, when a woman came from upstairs, who was elderly as well. As we got on, she asked us to wait and explain what floor she was on. We said it was the first floor. She was confused, because she thought she was on the fourth. We had to explain to her that if you do not get out on the fourth floor, the cart goes back down, and you go back to the first floor. She did not seem able to comprehend this fact.


I was a south park character, at a kind of adventure/theme park with other south park characters (keep in mind that South Park isn't a show I watch, like, ever.) There was a part where we would go into a dormant vulcano to look at lava in a cave and throw stuff at it to see how it would react. We had to run to avoid some kid, and I got lost, and by the time we were at the cave there wasn't enough time to throw stuff into the lava. Disappointed, I walked off, only to walk into Butters, who apparently was the kid everyone was avoiding because he was 'too clingy'. I walked away and eventually found myself at a gas station during an active shooting. I avoided getting shot by running into a parking garage and hiding behind a car.


There was this cave in some small town where if you walked in the walls would somehow be this bright red, and it was beautiful so a lot of people wanted to visit, but also many people didn’t know about it yet. It was in this small town with only four stores or so and maybe two streets of houses. I knew this place because I had been camping in the area so me and my grandma had went to see the caves a few times.

But then the caves existence went viral on Reddit… so a bunch of redditors came to see them. This gave the town so much money that they were able to fix up the cable car that used to go to the caves in the 70s (since it broke people had to walk about half an hour to see them) . The odd thing was that the redditors actually did not go to the cave, they just wrote near the entrance with crayons, warning people not to enter.

Meanwhile, in the town, they had built another floor for the town. It wasn’t above the whole town but a lot of it, and had a restaurant (Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria) and a big parking lot. Then, when that became too crowded, they built another floor, which they made into a hospital. And after that, another floor with more parking lots and another freddy fazbear’s pizzeria. It had about seven floors total, and the top floor had the cable car station. I was in the town for some reason and befriended this random 15 year old girl. She was in therapy for her extremely abusive childhood and spoke about it openly to me. She wanted to show me around the town so took me into the elevator that went to the several floors. The first floor was a parking lot, so she just showed me the restaurant while talking about bad things that were done to her. On the second floor, the hospital, she showed me a man in a coma, who had been in a coma for over thirty years. He was in some way related to the existence of the town, being a founder or something along those lines. Then, on the third floor, we witnessed a woman carrying a bag full of stones from the cave to the pizzeria, handing it over to a pug who was so big his face was the size of the door. We watched this happen, horrified, knowing that the stones would make some vague evil happen.

Also at some point I was made to take a French test in the cable car station, but I don’t remember when in the dream that happened.


I was in New York with some old classmate named Angelique (She does not exist in real life) and by chance we were asked to join a fashion contest and the winner would meet the creator of some big fashion brand. I won by wearing a fancy suit that I made out of black fur that was originally part of a rug. The fashion designer turned out to be Paul McCartney and he immediately pretty much decided that me and Angelique should move in with him in his New York apartment so we just did. He wasn’t actually there most of the time, having houses in many countries and cities, but if he was in New York he wanted company so that was what we were for. He provided us with everything we wanted (food, clothes, we could be driven anywhere by his driver, etc) and our room was a room with two beds and a huge TV and it was located directly under his bedroom, and the only entrance to his bedroom was a flight of stairs inside of our room.

Eventually I met some family and they had a son with Down syndrome and he went missing so I helped them find him on a beach. They refused to get out of their car so they were painstakingly slipping through sand on the beach at a slower than walking pace. Eventually I found the kid for them and I met his non-Down syndrome sister who told me that she hated her parents because they neglected her in favour of her brother.


I had been exhausted and passed out on the floor in my room instead of in my bed. When I woke up, my mother's husband was asleep in my bed. I went to my mother to ask her to do something about it, but she refused, because he looked very cute sleeping. Besides, she said, it was really my fault for not sleeping in my own bed, because that had allowed him to claim it for himself. I was annoyed but accepted it, and my mother installed a new bed in my room where I would sleep instead. The new bed was way smaller.


I lived on a cruise ship with my family. I was friends with two girls who were both very rich. One of them had a father who was an ambassador to another country, I don't know which one. He was holding a party, so the three of us naturally went there. Beforehand, we bought new clothes and wigs at te cruise ship's gift shop, which also sold high-end fashion for some reason. When we got to the party, we realized it was actually at the back of the ship, very close to the water-- the objective of the party was to hold onto a railing while waves periodically washed over you. If you survived to the end (and didn't fall into the ocean to be, I assume, maimed by the engine,) you had a chance to talk to a handsome young bachelor who was at the party. I held on for dear life because I did not want to die. In the end, all of us survived except the ambassador's daughter, though he didn't seem upset at all.


I was in Canada, going to a big aquarium with someone who in real life is an ex-friend, but in the dream we were still friends. He was very anxious, and was too afraid to buy his own ticket so I went to do it for him. Though, when I went to buy our tickets, the woman selling them kept asking me to reconsider, since according to her I didn't seem mentally prepared to enter the aquarium. I eventually wore her down by insisting I wanted tickets, and I went on my way. we saw some fish, but when following the route the aquarium told us to follow we were very quickly led into a series of movie theatres showing movies that had nothing to do with fish at all. Eventually, he made a group of friends there, and sat with them while I sat alone.


I was back in high school, and returning to class for my senior year after summer vacation. They had renovated just about everything in the school, even adding a kind of indoor fairgrounds next to the canteen, complete with a small indoor rollercoaster and a bunch of food trucks that kids would get their lunch at. We were all given desktop computers and flip phones, which were mandatory to use while on the premises. You had to leave your own phone at home. I didn't like these changes, and was quite angry about them, until a classmate snapped and told me to be grateful we got anything at all. I shut up after that, and went to my car, which had somehow received vanity plates without me doing anything about it. I snapped a picture of them with my new flip phone and uploaded the picture to the school's private social media, where it got over 200,000 views within the hour.


The company I worked at owned a hotel in a huge city, and I was to go there and check it out, to see if it was up to the company's standards. The room I got was on the sixteenth floor, and everything was pretty normal, except the bed, which was in a hole in the wall that was so low you couldn't even crawl upright in it. Once you got in bed there was a TV in there with you, though. I was there with a child, who I think was around fifteen/sixteen or so. I don't know why he was there, but I was worried about him being alone in that giant city without anyone watching over him so I allowed him to stick around with me until he went back home. We spent a few days in the city doing random things, going on walks, eating ice cream and having dinner in a restaurant that was in a mall's basement, and so on. During these days spent hanging out together I noticed he had a really obvious crush on me, which made me uncomfortable because he was, obviously, a child. I didn't humour him, and tried to keep my distance from him, but he kept insisting, eventually cumulating in him kissing me during one of our walks. I felt sick, nauseous and disappointed in myself that I allowed that to happen. I immediately went back to the hotel room to check out and leave back to my house but I could no longer remember which room was ours and some of my stuff was in there. I kept going up and down in several elevators but no matter what I did I couldn't find the room. I woke up scared.


I was out camping with my grandma, aunts, godmother, and a few other random people. I had a dog, which didn't have a name, so I just called him 'Dog'. He was a german shepherd. He notoriously never listened to people's commands and just did whatever he wanted to do. At night, I suddenly couldn't find him, and when I asked my grandma where he was she said one of my aunts had forgotten something at the train station, so she took my dog to the train station to retrieve it so she wouldn't be afraid alone at night. I was worried that she would do something to him, and she was angry at the assumption. Surely enough, though, when she came back the dog was nowhere to be seen. I asked her where he was and she shrugged and said 'at the conference center'. at first, everyone thought this was a euphemism for something, but when we eventually searched a local conference center (which was inside an airport) he was there, locked in one of the rentable conference rooms. I took him back with me on a leash and went inside a small play space that was only for children. There was a man there who explained that the play place had an entire own currency that children could get by playing and winning games. He sold ice cream, and gave me a free ice cream cone.


I was out camping with my entire family, when the roof of the tent we were in started leaking from a tiny window. We all had to find another place to sleep, and my mom brought me to our neighbor's place (he is our real-life neighbor, too) because he had a daughter my age and she thought it would be good for me to socialize with the girl, who was described as a bit anti-social. I was welcomed into their house and my mom left me there. Apparently, this guy and his daughter shared a bed, which didn't bother me because I knew he was gay. She had a lot of collectable toys such as furbies and small statues. Their house was also one of those 'smart houses', so everything had screens on it and most things were voice activated. Eventually it was time for us to go to bed so we went to the girl's private room, which had screens on every wall and was playing a football match on all of them, but with the camera angle in such a way that it looked like we were actually there. The floor was covered in buttons that were the remote to the entire house's electronics. I wasn't allowed to sleep in a bed and had to lay down on top of the buttons. I kept accidentally pressing them and the girl kept getting more annoyed. Eventually I laid really still and it went well for a while, but then the girl cleared her throat and I got so spooked that I accidentally pressed the fire alarm. Scared, I began running away, but I got lost in a bunch of corridors and eventually only got out by going through a basement and then through a door that had a guard in front of it. I went back to my mom's house and told her about all that happened. She wasn't very surprised, and all she said was 'wow, he really has changed since he got that movie role'.


I was in some big city, I think it was in America. I was in a man's house, and he owned a very famous website that he had made on Neocities. He used it to sell sex toys, as well as post japanese porn comics that he translated into English. I vividly remember one of the comics being about characters from a video game getting slightly chubby and being embarassed about it. He offered me a job where I tried some of the sex toys he sold, and in exchange he would allow me to live in his house. I agreed, and the first thing he made me test was a kind of mouthpiece that didn't allow you to shut your mouth completely nor open it wider than a sliver (it was a BDSM thing, apparently). While wearing this, I was instructed to eat cereal. If I managed to finish the bowl, I was allowed to take the thing off. I woke up with my jaw hurting like it had been forced into the exact position from my dream.


My aunt, who isn't transgender in real life, was detransitioning and it was partially because of me. We were meeting in a restaurant, which was inside of a mental hospital, and while we ate something she explained her reasons to me. Apparently, she had been in that mental hospital for a while, and when she got out she had her appointment to have top surgery (double mastectomy). Just when she was about to go to the hospital, I apparently called her and asked her if she wanted to watch TV with me. This moment of calm allowed her to realize that she didn't really know why she wanted to transition in the first place, so she stopped.


I was helping a man I knew with getting food from a restaurant and then complaining so he didn't have to pay. I was also elderly, and about to be sent to an elderly care home, even though I looked the same as I do now. I was brought to the restaurant by some nurses and the guy convinced them to let me come into the restaurant with him. I did, and we sat at a table upstairs and ate, while he constantly complained to the waitress.

This restaurant had a machine by the entrance that everyone was supposed to put their credit cards in so they couldn't dine and dash, but me and the guy had jammed a bunch of other cards in there (library card, gym membership, public transport card etc), so when we went to retrieve those we could easily also grab the guy's credit card and run off. There were cops waiting for us in the parking lot, but the nurses were still there to bring me to the care home, so the guy and I jumped into the nursing home car and they took us away. In the car, the nurses put me in a weird, vaguely banana-shaped bed and covered me in blankets and towels until I could no longer move.


I was a young boy, around ten years old, and I lived in a trailer park with a bunch of people. I was the only child there, and I had no family there but two of the other residents kind of took care of me. A middle aged man with an amputated leg, who I called my uncle, and an old lady who I called my grandma. They did a scheme together where they would break into offices and factories and steal as many supplies as possible, and if they got caught they would tell the people that caught them that they were from a company that would break in to test building security. Somehow, people always believed them, and they would be allowed to leave without any problem. They mainly stole things like metal staplers that could be melted back into metal bars. This was how they made enough money to live.

One day they allowed me to come with them. We all wore our sunday best, which for Uncle was a dress shirt with a big brown stain on it, and Grandma wore a tattered old fur coat and a headscarf. Grandma and Uncle both couldn't drive the car (an old pickup truck, the paint was literally falling off of in chips), so I drove it even though I was only ten. We arrived on a large parking lot belonging to a factory that made the plastic bits inside big packages of chocolates so the chocolates don't melt together. Uncle and Grandma broke in while I was to run around the hallways distracting people from their stealing. Sure enough, a security guard spotted me and ran after me, and I hid in the women's bathroom, standing on top of a toilet so he couldn't see my feet. He kept saying things like 'I know you're in here!' while not trying any of the doors, presumably just trying to scare me out.

Eventually another guard caught Uncle and Grandma, and they did their whole fake story again, which the owners, of course, believed. We got to sit in the manager's office and drink tea and chocolate milk while they explained the inner workings of the factory to us. When we were being walked back out, I heard a jingling from Uncle's bag and I knew that they had managed to steal enough to buy us food for a while. I was really pleased with how well I'd done.


I had some issue with my eyes that looked like cataracts but wasn't it, and I needed eye surgery because of it. It was implied that there were loose strings in my eyes that would have to be removed with a mix of laser surgery and pliers. My grandma brought me to a hospital staffed entirely by women, and she waved goodbye to me as I was brought into a room full of nurses. The nurses explained to me how everything would go-- first I would get a few painkillers, then they would numb my face and then they would do the eye surgery. I was required to be awake for it, which really scared me. The nurses tried to distract me with several things. One of them styled and dyed my hair for me. Another gave me a bunch of expensive snacks to eat. I was wearing a blue hospital gown and nothing else, even though it was pretty cold. The numbing was working, but it only numbed my lower face and nothing near my eyes. I tried to tell the nurses but they disregarded me because they assumed I didn't know anything about the surgery. Finally, they thought I was ready so they put me on an operating table. I thankfully woke up just before the surgery.


I lived in some kind of holiday resort with my mother and her husband, a man with long hair and a beard. Across from us lived a woman with a daughter my age. My mom and the woman were good friends, and I got on well enough with the daughter. Both our families were well-off, to the point that we both had access to at least 10,000 EUR that was just laying around in the house. The daughter said I should take it from my mom and she would take it from hers, and we could run away together to go on some kind of grand adventure while simultaneously teaching our parents a lesson. I agreed to doing this, but left subtle hints for my mom so she wouldn't be mad. While she and her husband were in the shower, which was apparently in another building, I took the money and the girl took hers from her home, and we ran off outside. The woman immediately called the police, so we were chased by cops and had to hide from them until we got to a subway station, where we took the subway to a place where people fixed up and drove motorcycles. The cops were still after the girl, but not really after me, because my mother was really quite chill about the whole thing, trusting me to put the money back. We watched a motorcycle race and hid in an old broken-down train station until the girl was arrested. I went back home and wordlessly gave my mom back the money. She didn't even seem worried in the slightest about the whole thing and we happily ate dinner together.


I got a job working at a tarot reading company that operated entirely from the downstairs area in my grandma's house. The other people who worked there were two women who did readings in the kitchen, while I did my readings from the living room. My first client was a gay man with dwarfism. I didn't actually know how to do tarot readings, but the man seemed excited to believe whatever I told him. At one point, I pulled a card that wasn't even a card, it was a random screenshot from someone's instagram post about dinosaurs. I kept a straight face and explained to the man that this meant that in his past he had been very promiscuous. He was very excited and confused because I was right. I ended the session by telling him that while having fun is good he also needs to be serious on occasion. He was very grateful and left.

Later, I entered the kitchen to find my mom and some other people having put a bunch of random toys on the kitchen table. They were complaining that one of my mom's friends had been there and had been very specific about them not being allowed to touch some of the toys, even though they weren't even hers. There was a long line of people waiting for tarot readings, and while I was giving the guy from the previous time a new reading, two young men grabbed My Little Pony toys from the table and started aggressively playing with them while occasionally shooting me angry looks.


My grandma moved into a new house which was attached to a mall. It wasn't directly in the busy part of the mall, but it was in the same 'space' I suppose. It shared a roof. We first wandered around the mall a bit, and bought overpriced sandwiches at a cafe. In the evening, my grandma held a small get-together in her house. I hadn't been inside before so I was looking around, exploring all the rooms. The house had a lot of doors leading to random hallways with many rooms attached to them. It was kind of maze-like. I eventually wound up in a dark hallway, and at the end of it I found that my grandma had furnished a room for me. It was really nice, with a big bed and a lot of painting supplies. My grandma walked into the room and I thanked her.

There was a door to her garden, which was not inside the mall. It was super dark outside, so dark that the darkness swallowed the street lights. There were no stars in the sky. My grandma and I stood in the dooropening for a while, just looking out into the darkness.


I had written an erotic story about a woman in her twenties driving through a specific Canadian province without a driver's license. She first drove a car, but got the biggest thrill from driving a bus. After I finished this story I posted it on Ao3, where it got two comments-- one saying it was hot, and another, lengthy review wherein the writer said that the story was well-written and the characters were believable, but they didn't find it hot because this specific topic wasn't their fetish. The story got a lot of views but not any other comments. Then, one day, I was in a public bathroom checking my phone when I saw a news headline about the story. Apparently, the police from that specific province thought that the story was a threat of terrorism so they were trying to figure out who wrote it so they could arrest them. Terrified, I scrambled to delete the story as fast as I could.


I was going on vacation with my mom. The first part of the trip was by bus, but eventually we had to get out of the bus and take tiny boats to our final destination. When we actually went to the pier, we found that the 'tiny' boats were quite big. Well, they were tiny width and length-wise (about the size of a shipping container), but all had multiple floors. There was a lot of lavish decoration inside, and the place where you entered the boat immediately led you into a casino where a server handed us each a drink. These boats would slowly spin around as they sailed, allowing you to see all sides of the pond we were on. When the boats got close to each other, they would twirl around each other as if they were dancing together.

Eventually, we arrived in a coastal town reminiscent of a place like Niagara or Las Vegas. The sun shone brightly and it was very busy. There was a large sandbox that children were playing in. I remembered it from my youth, but now someone had dug a giant tunnel down deep into the ground there, So far down you could barely see the bottom. My mom and I went to investigate, and she tripped and fell into the hole, rolling into a weird kind of prison cell that closed after she entered it. Outside the door was a place where you could insert a coin into the wall, and it would open the cell door. Someone had put a stack of coins next to it, presumably to help people out who also got stuck. I used a coin to release my mom and put another in my pocket for later. There was a hallway close by, so we went in. This hallway slowly turned from a dug-out ground hallway to a white, bright hallway you'd think was in a laboratory. We walked past a few closed doors and eventually happened upon an open one. We went in, and it looked just like a drug store, selling lots of random things like makeup and swimwear. We walked in, but I didn't feel safe. I grabbed a pool noodle to defend myself if necessary. For a long time we saw nobody, until we spotted an employee holding a man hostage with a gun against his back. The employee saw us and ran up to us, using the man as a human shield. Just as the employee was about to attack us I woke up.


I suddenly remembered a memory I had from when I was a baby. In this memory, my biological mother allowed me to almost choke to death to negligence. I told my (adoptive) mom about this, and she said this definitely never happened because the reason I was taken away from my biological parents was because they didn't have enough money to take care of me. I didn't know who to trust, my memory or my mom.

Also, at some point in the dream, I got a notification on my Fitbit saying I had been exercising more than usual. Also, according to the watch, I was now 'somehow' a EU size 46. I don't remember if this was good or not.