Someone had spent decades digging a tunnel underneath my old elementary school. The tunnel had a ton of rooms on either side, which people had moved into, including people I knew personally. I tried to ask why they moved into the tunnel, but their answers were either vague or they just quickly changed the subject. My friend found out that one of the doors in the tunnel led to my house. instead of being scared by this, we used the opportunity to sneak into the school after it was closed, so we could look around and watch a movie on one of the projectors.


I was at a mall with my grandmother and aunt. We wanted to get bubble tea, so we went up some stairs and bought bubble tea. When I wanted to order, my aunt stormed off all of a sudden, angry at something neither of us understood. The man behind the boba counter chatted with me for a while, and we theorized about what my aunt might have been mad about. When the tea was done, I gave my grandma her cup, and we went to look for my aunt, but she had already left the mall.

another mall related dream I had was that my godmother was calling me through an earpiece, telling me where to go in a mall. I accidentally walked into a toystore, where the employees were strangely rude to me. They mocked the fact that I was in there despite being an adult, and constantly yelled at me while I walked around. I was looking for dolls, and only realized after a while that the dolls were on the second floor, which you could only access with a strange short flight of stairs that once you stood on it was lifted upwards, kind of like a strange, dangerous elevator. This didn't look safe, so I walked out of the store. Somewhere after this, in the same dream, I was on a campsite, going on a historic walk with pamphlets and audio tours and everything. I had been at this campsite before, but they had built a lot of new buildings there since I'd been there. Notably, there was an entire square dedicated to the works of Walt Disney now, including Batman, who he apparently invented.


I had the ability to teleport. I used it multiple times, but usually only to get out of dangerous situations, as teleportation didn't always work, and when you used it frequently in a short amount of time it would stop working as well. One time I was lost in a forest far away from my house, so I used it to teleport near my home (you couldn't specify where you ended up, just near a place), and I found myself in the middle of a group of people with lights and weapons trying to find someone. I didn't know who they were looking for, so I hid, but later found out they were looking for a murderer. I entered a restaurant there where I knew some people, and they told me about the murder that had taken place, as well as urging me to leave and go home, because something was going on. I did, and my mom was angry at me for not coming home earlier.

later, my grandma and I were in a dangerous situation, so I teleported us, but the only thing I thought while teleporting was that we needed to get out of there, so I teleported us to a small Canadian island on accident. A vague, distant family member owned a supermarket there, and she allowed us to sleep in the store at night while we tried to find a way back. I kept trying to teleport us back, but it didn't work, and wouldn't for at least a few more days. There was something off about the vibes in the store and surrounding neighborhood, but I didn't really know why. We had no money, so we couldn't buy our own food, and we had to steal stuff from the woman's store. She didn't notice though, and we thought it was only fair since she made us sleep on the floor. Tensions rose as the days passed, and at one point while I was on a walk outside I was ambushed by two men I'd never previously met. I narrowly managed to escape by breaking a window and climbing out of it, and ran back to the store to grab my grandma's hand (you could only teleport someone along with you if you were touching them). I teleported us away and we ended up in our own hometown, albeit on the other side of town in a random office building. We had to walk back while it was dark and rainy, but we didn't really care, just glad to be back home.