I haven't told any of my friends (or ex friends. Life is confusing right now) about the horror stories I write. I like writing horror stories
on the side. Sometimes I write smut, too, but I like writing things with an uneasy vibe surrounding them. I've written a horror story
from the perspective of a necrophile before, who was very disgusted with how he felt yet couldn't stop himself. People said it was scary
and good. Some people thought it was hot. I don't mind that they feel that way, even if it wasn't my intention. I don't really care what
people do most of the time as long as they're not hurting others. But anyhow.

don't know why I'm friends with people who wouldn't accept my stories. I understand not wanting to read them, obviously, but I don't
understand why they would no longer communicate with me due to them. What my friends do in their private time is none of my
business as far as I'm concerned. Maybe I should find better friends. But finding friends with the exact same interests as you
(psychological horror, combined with all the weird/obscure stuff I like) is weirdly hard. And if I do find those people,
they're usually so much older than me that they don't take me seriously. Or they're like, sixteen, which no shade towards sixteen
year olds but I really don't want to talk about weird sex stuff with minors. It would be uncomfortable for everyone involved,
not to mention dangerous.

I've forgotten what point I was trying to make. I need new friends. Yes. I'm not actively trying to get them because I have better
things to do. Also yes. I've been getting back into painting. It's nice. My therapist is going on vacation for three weeks. Less
nice. That's about it. Please check out the whole church category I made for my website. I
worked on it really hard and made graphics for it and I'm kind of sad at the lack of interest it has garnered (please fill in
the form!) That's about it. I hope everyone is well. Goodbye for now.

I should really start on a music page but I'm lazy.