The Shocking Story: Local Webmaster Realizes Being Loved Sucks, Actually

(this is a direct continuation of the previous entry. It might
help to read that one before reading this one, just so you know what happened.)

I, tentatively, think it might be over for now. The last couple of weeks have been very
stressful, for multiple reasons, but one shines most brightly throughout. This friend, or,
rather, this ex-friend. He... I... I blocked him. On everything. First, I blocked him on
Discord, our main form of communication. I deleted our conversations, nervous that he
would use them against me, though I don't think I've said anything particularly strange.
Anyhow. He then messaged me on Whatsapp. I couldn't handle it. I blocked him there, too.
He didn't apologize. I just wanted him to apologize.

He then messaged a real life friend of mine and asked him to talk to me in his stead. I made
it abundantly clear to this other friend that I would not be going along with this, and he
immediately accepted this, reminding me that most normal people do indeed respect people's
boundaries when asked. Then, the calls started. He called me several times and left a voice-
mail. I couldn't handle it anymore. I blocked his number. I was exhausted. The calls stopped,
and I could finally relax.

It's been weird. I keep thinking about the things he told me, about wanting me to breastfeed
him, and wanting to lock me in his cellar and keep me as a tradwife slave. I don't know why
I never said anything. I suppose I just liked having a friend. God. It's been a while, but
I'm still exhausted. My whole family is sick, and I'm taking care of them. In a way, it's a
nice distraction. But I'm still not entirely sure what to do with myself.