Everything that is related to non-94673
media, put in a separate spot so it doesn't
take away the spotlight from the website's
main attributes. many may be WIPs.

Books! They're like websites, except old. on this page
you'll find any books that I've read... which probably
won't be very many because somewhere along the
lines I have practically forgotten how to read.
But I'm trying. Watch me try here.

Here is my treasure trove of translated lyrics from my
favourite non-English bands, translated by myself to
share with my friends. Probably one of my personal
favourite parts of the website.

Mount Everest
Where dead people live forever. This is a piece of
writing about, obviously, Mount Everest. Specifically
the people who died there. I briefly talk about hubris
of man in relation to thinking you 'own' a mountain
holy to its indigenous people (not a great start
already) and then climbing it and just dying on there.
Has some pictures of mummified remains
because I find it really interesting. Nothing gorey,
unless you consider mummies to be gore.

Grandma's Dream Diary
Do Grandmas Dream of Elderly Sheep? Well, maybe.
My grandma kept a dream journal from 2016 to
approximately 2023. I've translated and anonymized
it here. Just something to remember her by.

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