Mushroom Hell is a game.
you can get it on here.
please check it out.
you can also watch a
playthrough here.

Basic Information

-Mushroom Hell is made in RPG Maker 2003 (the
steam version.)

-All original art, graphics and music by me.

-This is the main character, Desdemona.
She's a hotel cleaner and owns a cat named
Test Subject, who is voiced by my cat.

-There are fights, puzzles, and exploring.
there are two main endings, but the dialogue
you get up to those endings depends a lot
on choices you make earlier in the game.

-it has a bunch of potentially uncomfortable
subjects, just like real life. There is drug
abuse, self harm, mild gore, prostitution,
poverty, war, death... don't take it too
seriously. It's just a game.

- Link to Devlog

the devlog I wrote while creating
this game. not sure why you would read this.

-Link to Mushroom Hell Wiki

a wiki page detailing
the game's story as well as
introducing the main characters.



if you decide to pay for the game, approximately
2/3rds of the money goes to me. So if you want
to support me and my work, that is a good way
to do so.